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So you think you need money... are YOU ready?

So you need money... or you think you do!? Are you sure? Do you have a company or an idea? Do you have traction? A pipeline? A patent on any intellectual property rights (IP)? How long have you existed? Are you registered yet? A prototype product?

Are you looking for a Venture Capital fund? An Angel Investor? How much are you willing to sell of your company? What is it worth?

Before you contact anyone with a view to asking them to give you money in return for something, there are a myriad of things that must be ready. You must be very clear on exactly what you want, why and what you are willing to do for it. More than anything there is one question that MUST be answered from a potential investors point of view...


This then is broken down in 5 sub-questions that have to be clearly answered in a language of risk/reward that the investor understands.

WHAT are we talking about? Idea? Concept? Product? Etc.

WHY are we talking about this? Is this unique? USP's? Protected? Size of market? Expectations? Revenue forecast? How much money are we going to make? Competition? Etc.

WHO is going to deliver this? Who is the team behind it? What is their experience? How long have they been at this? What do they need further? Etc.

WHAT is going to happen to deliver this? What is your Go-to-Market strategy? Sales strategy? Team deployment? Marketing and PR strategy? Rolling liquidity? Etc.

WHEN is this going to happen? When is the exit strategy? IS there an exit strategy clearly in place? How does the risk profile look against the timeline? Etc.

When this question is clearly answered... you are ready to talk to potential investors!

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