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In Q3 2012, I was contacted by the founder and majority shareholder of a start-up company with a groundbreaking new technology that will change the telecommunications industry. They needed a capital injection to launch them on the International markets and had failed to raise it, albeit using professional brokers.

I agreed to help.

5 months later, much dialogue, 11 potential investor meetings - 5 offers - 2 VC fund's renegotiated offers - we accepted 1 offer.

Though I had never raised capital before, and was not a professional broker, I do bring a different skill set to the table. I have worked as a management consultant for most of my professional life and thus have a good overview of the business side to the companies, and have the ability to understand the full value chain of the business. I have then specialised within International sales for a good number of years, and have exceptional sales skills. Lastly I have been an investor for the past 8 years and understand the issues of ROI vs. risk profiles.

This puts me in a very special situation where I can help companies get ready to meet investors. I know how to find potential investors, what they are looking for, and I help the companies get their material together in such a way as to present to the potential investor what they are looking for.

I offer a "No Cure, No Pay" package where I only get remunerated once we have successfully received a capital injection. To have a discussion of your needs, or to contact the founder of the original technology company, please feel free to mail me.

"The process we went through with Patrick was really great. In particular his drive, energy and persistence is incredible! He never gave up! Without Patrick's help we would never had gotten the financing for Voopii." Johan Poulsen - founder Voopii.

After 3 years and a number of select clients I am happy to say that once I have accepted the client - I have a 100% success rate in raising capital!

I have also written a 50pp e-book "How YOU can find Venture Capital; A story of how I did it and so can you" detailing EXACTLY how and what I did to raise the capital financing for Voopii. The book answers the single most important question that most people seem to forget when addressing potential investors - and the 5 sub-issues that are key to answering it.

How YOU can find Venture Capital
You can buy it here for DKK 39 / EUR 5 / US$ 7.
The book is also available on Apple iTunes, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony etc.

So you think you need money... are YOU ready?

What I do!

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