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What I do!

I help client companies get ready to talk to potential investors... and then I find them for you.

Firstly, it is rare for a company that has decided that they need a capital injection, to be ready to talk to potential investors. They might have some great ideas, some plans, some production facilities, marketing strategy, they might have a prototype product, some contracts, even a few pre-sold items... but this is not enough. We need to be clearly able to communicate our case to the investors.

I help you get all of your material together in a cognisant, cohesive flow that answers the question... What is in this for me... in a language easily understood by the investor.

Then I spend a lot of time in the market talking to various entities. Depending on the preferences of the client, there might be certain potential investor partners that are preferable than others, and I will endeavour to find these. The markets though are highly diffused! The VC market for example has many players, all of whom have their own specific industry focus. They specialise in certain industries e.g. only real estate, or only clean-tech, and so on. Furthermore they all have specific financial targets, i.e. they will only invest if the capital requirements are up to e.g. EUR 1 million, or if they are mimimum EUR 5 million, etc. Lastly they all have specific time phases, coming in either at SEED level, or Start-up, pre-commercialisation, post-commercialisation, expansion, etc.

I navigate around in these markets and find those potential partners that might be a good match and bring them to the table, where we present our now ready Investor Presentation.

Following a number of meetings and presentations, we hopefully end up with one or more offers after which we then negotiate issues such as term sheets, preference shares, tranching, veto-rights, etc.

If you are interested in discussing with me to raise capital for your company, please feel free to send me an email at

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